Electrical Engineering

Electrical installations and Control Systems play a fundamental part of Conveyor Systems.

Systems Design & Commissioning experience includes (but not limited to):


* Electrical Design

* E-Plan Drawings

* PLC software

o Siemens

o Allen Bradley

o GE

o Tele/Modicon

o Conversion of old software to new plant standard (e.g. Siemens S5 to S7)

* Bus controlled Inverter drives

* Fanuc servo applications

* Intelligent Platforms

o GE

o Wonderware


Electrical Installation:


* Conveyor systems

o Bottle

o Case/box

o Pallet

* Warehouse tracking

o Barcodes scanning

o Inline weigh stations

o Interfacing with existing warehouse management servers (intelligent logistics)

o T-Car fetch and offload systems

o Product tracking, route control, verification.

o Anylising/Reporting

+ using custom developed systems (cost effective)

+ off the shelf platforms (GE, Wonderware, etc.)

* Machines

o Refurbish/upgrade/speed up:

+ Palletisers

+ Depalletisers

+ Bottle Fillers

+ Washers

+ Pasteurisers

+ Pallet Dispensers

+ Precision cutting machines (servo controlled)

+ etc

o Safety gate and safety beam systems around machines

o Operator HMI upgrades